"What Does Message.Plane Offer That J Tracker Doesn't?

Message.Plane has redesigned and recreated Auto Transport software. Innovations and technology we have deployed has evolved business operations and functionality as we once knew it.


Year we were founded


Monthly active users


Transports Processed


Texts + Emails Delivered

What does Message.Plane offer Jtracker doesn't?


Seamless dispatch to major loading boards.

Electronic Signature

Proprietary E-sign owned and developed by Message Plane

Follow Up

Robust Follow Up system with ERP level customer management from start to finish.


Fully automate Lead to Order process in ways the world has never seen before.

Price Generator

Our Rapid Rate Proprietary in house pricing solution AI and machine learning 24/7.


Automated notifications via bells for tickets, SMS, email, and calls.

Lead Distribution

Customized lead distribution based on geo location, time, performance.

Accept Credit Cards

API any merchant and bill inside the CRM seamlessly while simultaneously reporting.


Global search within seconds can find anything.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports geared to what you want to see anything anytime.

Custom Homepage

My Tasks, Calendar, Booked Orders, Leads needs Pricing- fully customizable homepage.


Easy Invoicing via SMS, email, or fax by simply just clicking a button.

Customer Portal

Personalized customer portal for your customer to check statuses and receive hel.p

Incoming Leads

Lead API. No longer be the last company to get the lead.

Upload Documents

Ability to upload and store files on clients such as pdfs, doc receipts, pictures of the car.

Event Templates

Events page making it so throughout each stage you chose a template and SMS/email updates.

Auto Dialer

Proprietary Auto dialer built inside the same platform make hundreds of calls in a days’ time not a hundred.

License Checking

Carrier license’ check for any carrier in the country to confirm if active or inactive

Carrier Management

Carrier management module with dispatch history.


Top guarded security designed by providing each client their own secured server.

User Management

User Management Privileges - allows you to customize roles per agent.

Our approach

Exceed Expectations

At Message.Plane, we do not settle for basic. We pride ourselves in solving business issues and providing long lasting solutions.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

We are extremely motivated, dedicated, and accomplished individuals. Many of our team members have been with the organization since its establishment.

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